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Chambychick's Wishlist

Postby chambychick » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:18 pm

Since its been ages since I've actually double checked all my sets, this is as up to date as it may get :)

Pieces of Sets:

Perky, Playful Kitty Cats: Black and White Kitty, Beige kitty with paw up
Swimmy fish friends: pink and yellow fish
1993 Toucan: newspaper
Clever Collie w/ Puppy Pillow: pink leash
Tutu kitty: gold crown
Drink it up guineas: water bottle blue
Frisky Pups w/ Comfy Basket: food bowl
Let it Pour Pup: Yellow Brush
Swan Family: 1 collar
Fluffy Lil Puppies: Blue Brush
Tickled Pink Kitty: Yellow lock of curly hair
Li'l Paw Prints Kitty: Pad
Bobbing Fish in Treasure Chest Cove: One fish
Curly Tail Trio: Everything but the tree
Splash 'n Play Cat & Puppy: Base and snail
Pink Puff Puppy: Stickers
Brave German Shepherd w/ Travel Crate: black leash, fact card
Beethoven Puppy Pool: green brush, both towels
Prance 'n Play Seahorses: crab
Zoo Baby Bobcat: Mouse Toy, Bucket, Sign, Mat

Complete Sets:

Fancy Curls Carousel Playset
Curly Hair Trio
Magic Waterfall Pets
Sweet Sleepy Pup
Prize Winning Pups
Backyard Kennel (Beethoven's 2nd)
Country Home Carrycase Playset
Silky Li'l Kitties
Primpin' Guinea Pig Pals
Royal Palace Ponies
Proud crested cockatiel
Kitty be mine necklace MOC
Kitty Neck Charms
Star Styles Pet Salon
Perky Playful Bunnies target (loose)
Star Styles Pet Salon
Lil' Brush 'n Grow Filly: Stable Sticker ( I would be thrilled with even reproductions)
Majesty Plush
Cupcake Plush
Crystal Plush
All Happy Meal toys
Zoo Baby Chimp

Any Japanese sets with the variation of the eyes


Sticker Packs
Easy-Bake Oven Bake Set
Children's Dinnerware Set
Puppy Watch
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