Indiana's Wishlist

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Indiana's Wishlist

Postby Knidey » Mon Nov 10, 2014 4:50 pm


Unfortunately my Wishlist is long since I am soo new to collecting. But I'll try to keep it short on here for now. The stuff that I really want.

1. Of course is Ruby

2. Lil Saddle Filly

3. Lil Wash n Pretty Filly

4. The stable and accessories for Lil Magic Drinkin Filly

5. Magical Waterfall Hideaway the Deer and Mermaid Cat and their hair. I don't necessarily need the hideaway.

6. Light up pond with Huskies and sled

7. Light up pond and home with kittes

8. The Mommy and Babies Swan, Fox and Deer families

9. Anything with the shimmering mer animals

10. Calico scratching kitty and brown bobble head kitty with their scratch post and accessories.

Thank you Soooo Much for taking the time to read my Wishlist. I appreciate you so much! ;)

- Kylie
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