Tanja`s Wishlist

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Tanja`s Wishlist

Postby Tanja » Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:12 am

My most wanted sets are:

1. Glittering Goldfish
2. Suppertime Guppies
3. Jewellery Box
4. Story Book
5. Purse
6. Country Garden Nursery Playset.

My most wanted loose pieces:

1. Hop`n Go Bunnies with Garden Hutch: bunny light brown and grey
2. Bustling Gerbils with Gerbil Tunnel: gray gerbil with purple collar
3. Pete&Penny Pnguin: orange hat
4. Bashful Bunny: carotte orange-green
5. Fluffy Persian Kitty: food dish
6. Water Garden Kitties: coomb
7. Deepsea Divers: food
8. Puppy Mom&Dad: pulltoy
9. Lil`Wash&Pretty Filly: bucket, saddle, coomb
10. Pinto Pony AND Crystal Pony: coomb

Zoo Playset: awning !!!
yellow: bananas, fish, bamboo, bag
blue: popcorn, bamboo, bag, hay
pink: bananas, fish, bag

Red Petshop Playset: card, pink leash, PET food

If you can help me, let me know!!! Thanx!
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