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Notua's Wishes

Postby Notua21 » Sun May 25, 2014 5:01 pm

I'll just drop this here.... a little list of pets/sets I'm looking to collect. I'm mainly looking for loose sets, so I won't be tempted to rip them open :lol: , but I have been collecting a handful of MIB/MOC as well. If anything is too vague, let me know and I'll do my best to clarify for you!


Lil' Wash 'n Pretty Filly - just the blanket, hair accessory would be amazing
Lil' Magic Drinkin' Filly - just the bottle, hair accessory would be amazing
Lil Saddle Filly - just the stable, hair accessory would be amazing
Lil Brush n' Grow Filly - bottle, two brushes, hair accessory would be amazing

Cats/Dog Sets:

Hungry Kitties with Eat-it-Up Food Dish
Clubhouse Kitties – yellow/white kitty
Sleek Siamese Set
Purry Kittens – Calico kitty

Other Pets:

Zoo Nursery Pets Baby Tiger - White stripes variant baby tiger
Zoo Wilderness Pets Baby Bobcat with Mountain Den - dark variant bobcat only
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets Lion Family – accessories only(pink foliage, yellow foliage, fruit bunch & steak)
Zoo Keep Me Safe Pets Jungle Bunch - just bamboo hut & leaf roof (mine is damaged and has no roof)

Zoo Play With Me Pets Baby Lamb With Clover Corral - Lamb, food trough, green/pink wreath

Country Fun Pets Mommy Deer with Frisky Fawn – butterfly only
Country Fun Pets Mommy Fox with Playful Pups – habitat only
Country Fun Pets Magic Birthing Kitty Family
Country Fun Pets Magic Birthing Doggy Family

Magical Hideaway Pets Magic Waterfall Pets - loose with accessories - deer & environment only

Sparkling Pets Thirsty Guinea Pigs – loose pets & accessories

Pet’n Pony Stable – The ever elusive dream of everybody!
Sparkling Fashion Ponies – Customized ones will have to do for now!
Paw Print Club Kittens/Bunnies

Lil’ Paw Prints Kitty/Dog

Misc Missing Set Pieces/Completers:

Turtle from 'Water Garden Kitties' set
Back Hut Wall piece from 'Water Garden Kitties' set
Nest from 'Ice Palace Ponies' set
Carrots from 'Sweetheart Ponies' set
Sparkling Pony Pairs Royal Carriage Ponies - magenta saddle(not the harness) with gold trim
Dazzling Hair Pets Silky Lil' Kitties - only missing brush
White Saddle from 'Mystic Pony' set
Terrain Card from 'Shy Shetlands' set
Purple Baby Bunny from 'Perky Playful Bunnies' set
Terrain Card from 'Perky Playful Bunnies' set

1993 Red Petshop Playset - needs to have the cardboard window and front awning, do not need the included accessories

1994 Kennel Playset - need only one green lock latch

There, I think that's everything for now:) Any help on finding any of these things would be wonderful! I can locate pics later for anything that needs clarification.
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