Nearly had it, then *poof!*

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Nearly had it, then *poof!*

Postby Waylah » Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:40 am

So my most wanted items are pearl's hair decoration and the blue basket handle to the mail order puppies. And I nearly had the basket handle! There was a giant lot being sold be someone, and the basket was in there. It wasn't going to be viable (with the shipping issue) to buy the whole lot, so I messaged them just in case they'd sell me the basket. They said no, fair enough. I'll just keep looking. The lot didn't sell, and they contacted me aaages later and said hey, I've changed my mind and am breaking it up, do you still want the basket? to which I OF Course said yes please! But then I never heard from them again! :( I wrote back, nothing. I'd even offered advice and help to sort out what they had into their sets. So close, and yet, so far. Ahh well, just have to keep my eyes open. Everything comes around eventually!
***Open for trade!*** looking for: 1993 case collar, mail-order puppies basket handle, and boxes and back cards

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Re: Nearly had it, then *poof!*

Postby jeapos88 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:23 am

I know how you feel on that. I need the yarn for the mail order kitties, found one in a lot on ebay once but the seller wouldn't sell me just the yarn because then they'd have to re photograph the lot. :(
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