Selling collection - several Ebay listings

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Selling collection - several Ebay listings

Postby mrselizabethcrow » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:04 pm

This is my first time posting - hi all! I have two boys... chances are they're not going to want to play with my old pet shops. So I listed a bunch on ebay. Here's the link:

One 1994 brochure
One 1995 brochure
Proud Crested Cockatiel cage
Be with me Bunny

1994 Chirpy Tree Friends with Woodsy Home - complete
1995 Hop ‘n Hide Bunnies - complete
1994 Swimming Ducklings with Pondside Nest - complete

Mini Surprise:
Sweet Swimmy Fish Friends - complete
Hop n Go Bunnies - complete

Baby Bobcat with Mountain Den complete with fact card
Desert Parakeet with Cactus Home complete
Playful Sea Lion on Sandy Beach complete
Polar Pets Bear, fishing pole, food bowl and Seal
Honey Bear food dish

Ready to Go Pets:
1993 Busy Hamsters with Jogging Wheel complete
1992 Color Change Chameleon in Cactus Cove - complete
1992 Hurrying Hamsters in Hamster House

Newborn Families:
Mommy Fox with Playful Pups - missing one baby Fox
Mommy Deer with Frisky Fawn - complete
Puppy Mom & Dad with Magic Birthing Mommy - complete

Sea World:
Dolly Dolphin complete set
Baby Shamu complete w/out starfish
Pete and Penny Penguin igloo, food, and scarf

Sparkling Ponies Pinto - full set except hair decoration
Sparkling Ponies Crystal
Zoo Arabian Prancers - ponies only
Sky Blaze Pony Saddle
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